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Nakul calls himself a mind-reader and is in fact a professional magician who makes a living out of not only performing magic shows, but also reading minds, understanding how people behave etc and using that knowledge to help companies and brands better their products/services for the end user.

He has been a magician for about 20 years now, having performed all over India and abroad with more than 500 shows to his credit. He has performed for a range of audiences –from elite exclusive groups consisting of CEOs and corporate honchos to a mass audience of 10,000 and more.He has rubbed shoulders with prominent celebrities and as already mentioned, he has been consultant to popular brands in the area of communication and technology, helping them understand user behaviour.

An unusual profession, you might say, but Nakul can convince you that everyone should learn a magic trick or two which, by extension, also includes reading minds. He feels it is a skill that gives you great confidence, helps you break ice socially and helps you connect with and understand people much better. You see, end of the day, it’s really all about human psychology and the science of probability in the context of human behaviour.

Nakul is in fact coming out with his book, ‘Smart Course in Magic’ published by HarperCollins to help people with their journey in magic.It will be hitting the stores this month.


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