Magic book available in stores across India

Bangalore, February 02: Smart Course in Magic, a book by Nakul Shenoy, is now available in bookstores across India.Nakul Shenoy’s much-anticipated first book is a HarperCollins publication, and teaches people to perform magic in the way it should be.

In addition to the bookstores across the country, it is also available with all the leading online stores, including Amazon and Flipkart. Already available internationally via, the book is soon expected to be sold via many more merchants internationally.

Smart Course in Magic is a simple and effective off-the-shelf course that teaches the craft as it should be: focusing on the theory of performance and presentation. Whether you want to take up magic as a hobby or improve your skills as a professional performer, this is the book to set you on your way.

With over 120 photographs to explain the performance of 20 magic effects, this 230-page book by the internationally-acclaimed Magician and Hypnotist, Nakul Shenoy is expected to make a big contribution to the field of magic in India and abroad. Written with a unique focus on the performance of magic, rather than the tricks, Nakul’s book has a foreword by Peter Lamont of UK and an introduction by Michael Weber of USA.

This is the moment you have been waiting for. Go over to your favourite bookstore and get a peek into the book and the world of magic. Better yet, buy it and become a magician!