Make Magic: Vanish That Stage Fright!

Nakul Shenoy shares his personal journey of transforming from a stage shy teenager to being most comfortable on stage: all thanks to Magic. The ace magician and hypnotist is hoping some of his skills rub off on others via his first book — Smart Course in Magic.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was dressed in a stylish dhoti, adorned with a hand-crafted golden crown, armed with a puny yet beautiful bow and arrow – all making the complete package of Lord Ram. I cried so loud and threw enough of a banter to ensure I never climbed down from the arms of my loving Ajja (grandfather).

True! I was just over five years of age and in upper kindergarten, yet I do remember that occasion of fancy dress competition like it was yesterday. I also remember that not many got to see what I was wearing, since I never went on stage.


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