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New Arrival – Smart Course in Magic: Nakul Shenoy

HarperCollins, Rs.299

Magic is about the ability to convince. It is the art of performance. Magic is a medium by which you amaze and entertain the audience. Nakul Shenoy, mind reader, an internationally successful magician, can teach you how.  Smart Course in Magic is a simple and effective off-the shelf course that teaches the craft as it should be taught: focusing on the theory of performance and presentation.

Whether you want to take up magic as a hobby or improve your skills as a professional performer, this is the book to set you on your way.  Learn to do magic from one of India’s most thrilling performer.  Black-and-white photographs accomapny many of the tricks to help illustrate and make it even easier.
– Reproduced from The Statesman, The Voices dated April 02, 2015.