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Readers’ Comments

Please leave your comments & thoughts about the book here. 

  • Nakul Shenoy

    I would love to hear from you. 🙂

  • Balasubramanian Chandran

    Just placed my order @ Amazon. Can’t resist to learn it

    • Nakul Shenoy

      Thanks Bala! Appreciate your avid support.

  • Kishore Das

    Last month, I had an opportunity to interact with Nakul Shenoy in a Magic Workshop in Bangalore and I was thoroughly impressed with his passion for Magic. I knew about his upcoming book on Magic and booked it through Amazon, as soon as I came to know about the pre-booking today morning. I wish him all the best and eagerly waiting for the book now…

    • Nakul Shenoy

      Thanks Kishore! You are always among the very first to buy my offerings! You are going to love this book too.

  • Prakash Savkoor

    I have placed my order for the book from Amazon & am eager to get it at the earliest. Besto & Congo .. Nakul Shenoy ! Spread the Magic & wishes to you in seeing this a blockbuster. Cheers.

    • Nakul Shenoy

      Thanks Prakash! Don’t forget to spread the word among your magician friends.

  • Madhusudan

    have ordered for this …eagerly awaiting for the 31 st the date of delivery . but nothing if Nakul can INK IN an autograph on the book . would make it even more special!!!! May God Bless NAKUL…

    • Nakul Shenoy

      I can always sign it for you in person, Madhu!

  • R. Raja Moorthy

    I have known Nakul for over fifteen years and ever since then, he has never failed to surprise me. When I heard that he is coming with this book, I jumped at the first opportunity and ordered it…now I am eagerly waiting to flip through the pages…am sure it is filled with magical wisdom.