Smart Course in Magic set to release in January

Bangalore, 15 December 2014: Nakul Shenoy’s much-anticipated book on performing magic will be released in January 2015. The Smart Course in Magic was expected to be released in late December, but some last minute updated meant that the book will hit the stores only in the new year.

Meanwhile, the publishers HarperCollins India have announced that the pre-order for Nakul Shenoy’s first book is expected to be available within the next week.

With over 120 photographs to explain the performance of 20 magic effects, this 230-page book by ‘The Mind Reader’ Nakul Shenoy is expected to make a big contribution to the field of magic in India and abroad. Written with a unique focus on the performance of magic, rather than the tricks, Nakul’s book has a foreword by Peter Lamont of UK and an introduction by Michael Weber of USA.