Why This Book?


From Prahlad Acharya, Shadow Player & Magician (@mayajadoo)

Prahlad Acharya, International Magician and Shadow Play Artist, with an early copy of the book

Smart Course in Magic is a simple and effective off-the-shelf course in Magic, aimed at all ages. This unique book by Nakul Shenoy teaches the craft of magic in the way it should be – giving adequate importance to the theory of performance and presentation, and not just teaching magic tricks.

Focusing on teaching the basics of magic to set you on the right path to be a magician, it contributes to your development as a magical entertainer, sharing with you the real tricks of the trade – the nuances of magical presentation and performance.

With over 15 chapters, 20 magic acts, a bonus interview with eminent historian, author and magician Dr Peter Lamont, and a series of essays on diverse magical topics, this unique book provides prudent and actionable knowledge, equipping you fully on the performance of magic. Best of all, it simplifies the thinking and theories that make magic powerful and memorable in the eyes of the audience; it is able to teach magic in a way that we can all learn, perform and entertain.

In addition to the 36,000 words, 120 photographs, numerous illustrations and line drawings, the Smart Course in Magic also includes detailed instructions to create your own magic props. The Foreword from Dr Peter Lamont and the Introduction by the globally-acclaimed magical entertainer, speaker, and author Michael Weber make it evident that Nakul Shenoy is sharing his rich professional experience of over two decades as a coveted and sought-after magical entertainer via this book.

This book presents you with a perfect foundation to start an amazing journey in magic. Whether you want to take up magic as a hobby, pursue it as an amateur, or wish to scale newer heights as a professional performer, the Smart Course in Magic will go a long way in helping you achieving those goals.


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